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V.Ulea. About Angles, etc.
V.Ulea. Journey V.Ulea. Lotsman Na Trube. Documentary Four Funny Families
'About Angels, etc' is a modern film that uses the Synthesis of Arts approach, combining film, music, dance, still picture montage, and poetry.
Short version of the film is available here
A poet makes a mental journey to the ever-lasting world of renaissance. The apocalyptic images lead him to Dante and his Divine Comedy...
Russian Documentary based on the diaries of Vera's father, Kim Belenkovich.
Four families from Chekhov’s four major plays are living under the same roof in a furniture store that they own. There are four sections in the store – The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and Cherry Orchard.
Every Friday Mr. Ashburn, the undertaker, goes to the local bar to celebrate the end of the week. A lonely man, he meets there lonely habitués who sit silently at their tables, immersed in their dreams. Late at night when the darkness seizes the town they leave the bar. But wherever they go loneliness is their best companion...